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A stable update.

There have been some remakes in our stable of lately. The most noticeable is probably that we let our gorilla Kerchak go, and in his place made friends with a big polar bear. The polar bear's name is Vielgat, and he is performing a lot better than Kerchak was, so we consider that justifiable. Second, we let the moth go again, as she was just sitting there, without a function. In her place, we managed to coerce the gorgeous spirit beast to join us, and he has found his place in the raiding environment. He answers to the name Ulm now, and we wound not give him up for anything. And third, we filled the final stable slot, not with a devilsaur, but with a little, green raptor from the Wetlands. She is a bit arrogant, and still only 77, but she performs very well. Her name is Neteret.

Of the old inhabitants of the stable, we have of course still got Luna. She is our ultimate companion, after all, and just the thought of letting her go after 70 levels and almost 4 years, is terrifying. We have still got Hiiro as well. She just will not leave, though she is not doing much currently, as we have not seen the battlegrounds in a long time.

And that is the stable update for now.


I know we shall all die in the end. I just pray my own death will be final.

I had a most disturbing dream last night. I suppose it is due to all these death knights that have flooded Azeroth the last six months. In my dream I was one of them. A death knight. As the dream started, I was flying in to Ironforge on an undead gryphon, and it is beyond my imagination how the poor skeleton could fly, less alone carry someone in full plate armour. As I landed in Ironforge, I had a strange, dual feeling of both knowing the place intimately - as I do - and never having been there before.

I did not stay long in Ironforge, in my dream, but flew down to Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted lands, on a proper, living gryphon this time. And again I had that strange feeling upon landing, that of both knowing the place and never having seen it before. I made my way down to the Dark Portal and through, and flew to Honor Hold.

From there I rode to Shattrath, praying, I do not know to whom, that the ravagers in the pass would not manage to pull me off my horse. Once in Shattrath, I - to my great fear - made my way up the elevator to the Scryer Tier. I did fully expect to get attacked and thrown out, but wonder of all wonders, they did not even look my way. I calmly went to the inn up there, while all the time I was yelling at myself to get away from there, and went into the back, where I found a bed. I fell asleep there, in the dream, and as sleep closed around me in the dream, I woke up in my bed at the inn in Dalaran, the sheets clinging to my sweaty form, Luna, Ulm, Vielgat and Neteret looking at me with worry and wonder in their eyes.

The dream did not fade, the way dreams does. Now I find myself wondering. Is there, perhaps, another dimension, another world, where the hunter Souvraya Darkwhyn fell in the war against the Scourge and was reincarnated as a death knight? Is that what I saw in my dream vision? I dare not dwell too long on the possible answer.


I have been told to introduce myself.

Greetings, peasants. That tree-loving night elf with the blue-glowing cat has requested that I formally introduce myself.

/graceful nod

My name is High Lady Yvonnel Daermon, Keeper of the Shards and Head of House Daermon. My age is really none of you business, but I have been a shamaness on the planet of Azeroth for soon 20 seasons. I must say that even though I still miss my mansion, the life as a wandering adventurer is quite exciting. I do realize that I would never get to experience that excitement if I had stayed in my mansion. It is a bit frustrating to not have a servant at my beck and call, though...

I met the tree-loving night elf through a friend of hers who escorted me and a young night elf rogue through the Deadmines. The tree-loving night elf told me that she had a small project with supporting young up-and-coming adventurers, and I thought that she might be useful, so I let her believe that I needed her help. She is a nightmare to talk to, and she is hideous to look at with that scar across her face, but deep down, she is not all bad.

You might hear more from me in the future, and at some point I will try to hold a ball or dance for these ragamuffins in the tree-loving night elf's project, if they can be put in adequate clothing. If that should happen, I will report.

Until then, may you be well.
the High Lady Yvonnel Daermon
Keeper of the Shards
Head of House Daermon

We appologize for the absence

We realize we have not updated in some time. We have been busy levelling and raiding Naxxramas, which is no excuse, but it is an explanation.

Since last, we have found and tamed the gorgeous Loque'Nahak and renamed him Ulm. He does very well in raids, and he makes our dps happy. It is a bit sad, though, that this has more or less retired Luna completely. We miss her, but Ulm just does so much better than her. Perhaps we will have to try and breed them and see if the result would be worthwhile...

We have also since last picked up a while bear, who now tanks for us. Kerchak has not been retired, but the bear, whose name is Vielgat, is much better at keeping all the mobs off us. Kerchak might at some point be released.

In addition to this, we have taken a young draenei shaman under our wing. She is a bit haughty, but we guess that is what we get for mixing with nobility. Because apparently she is a High Lady of some sort. We are not used to dealing with nobility... We might just let her introduce herself in a separate post later on.


A little pet update.

My gorilla got a name. He is now named Kerchak. One more pet has also been added to our force. A beautiful, blue moth whose name is Aroree. Now we just need to pay for the last stable slot and grab one more pet to have a full regiment. We are looking forward to that, though we are not sure what the last pet will be.


I tamed a gorilla yesterday. He has not yet been named, though. He looks very tough, though, and he manages to hold aggro off me just fine. Though it shall be said that my new spec is not made for optimal raid DPS, and more for grinding and leveling.

My guild still tore through Karazhan without problems, and took down The Curator before the first Evocation. Then we went and took down Onyxia. We had a blast. I honestly do not think I have had so much fun on a Kara-raid before. And my beloved Luna is still a viable DPS-pet, though Rake is not exactly an ultimate attack.

Next on my agenda is to buy the last stable-slot and go tame a blue moth and a core hound. Then, when Northrend opens, one will have to go so I can pick up a rhino.


It cost us lots of gold, but...

Friday night, we hit exalted with both the Shattered Sun Offensive and the Aldor, which means we grabbed the greater inscriptions of vengeance for our beastmaw pauldrons and exchanged our choker of vile intent for the Shattered Sun pendant of might. It is mighty mighty, if we may say so, with a nice proc. We think it is worth it, despite now being 11 points under the hit cap. We will make do, and perhaps buy some +hit gems again. We will just have to wait and see.

At least we can inform that we are mighty pleased with ourselves. Yes, we do.


We just thought we would tell

We have taken another young hunter under our wing, though not financially, as she is another horde. She is a tauren, and she told us she tamed a cougar. Her name is Tjodno, and her cougar's name is Raka. We have been told that her name means "sand".

/nods of approval